What can a black man do?

I look at President Obama and I see a good man. A man who shows us that we have ENTERED a post racial society. I say entered because racism still exists. It still exists within the minds of many Americans, BLACK and WHITE. Most white Americans have realized that whether they are ready or not the time for exclusion has past. Give it another generation or two and race relations will be all but forgotten. By the white population of our country anyway. Many in black America still refuse to accept the truth.  As a White man of course I can’t relate to the way they feel. But I can see what’s happening in our country Although racism exists in the minds of some white Americans, they realize their time has passed and they “tolerate” other races in silence. “Tolerate” such a deceitful word. It doesn’t mean anything has changed. It means  that instead of educating the ignorant we make them feel uncomfortable. Black America is a different story. How does a 20 year old kid now about racism?  Whereas White America has shouted down the ignorant. Black America has only become emboldened within the last few decades to speak their minds freely.Older black Americans pass down the racism of generations past. Strengthening it instead of weakiening and eventually  disipating the anger and hatred . They fuel the hated and resentment. Unwilling to look at the world as it is today.

 Ask around, “Bill Cosby is an uncle Tom”, “As white as Bryant Gumble” “So and So  isn’t black enough” It must be a confusing time to be black in our country. They can’t win, if they’re too black, they get profiled. If they’re not black enough, they’re not accepted by many of their own race.

  I can personally say that I have been abused a few times in my life just because I am white. I have been verbally abused on a couple occasions by African Americans, didn’t know me, I said nothing offensive. They just went off, and felt perfectly comfortable repeatedly telling me to “fuck myself”. When is black America going to start policing their own? Hey, I know there are good people and bad people regardless of race but the fact is there are a lot of very angry black people in our country that aren’t even sure why their so angry.


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